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WELCOME! (please write a proper english)

Paul Sakoilsky 09/11/2009
Hey Lars, nice infuriating stuff! It's put a grin across my previously moody mush. ha. ah, and the little flowering skulls...
wow - haven't looked at yr site/work since a couple of years ago or so when i was doing the dark times/climate 4 change thing... phew.
you've been busy ... it's a great thing.. coolio. best w - p

dear gao bizi,
we would love to come. do you have funding for art projects? best david

Iyiola Musibau Akinlade 17/02/2009
Kindly send me additional information about this program am an artist dealing with indigo batik and adire. Having interest to be part of the show. Thanks

Frank Ludvigsen 09/09/08
Hi again. It turns out I have to work a pair of extra weeks, so I will be arriving in Berlin about 19. october. And stay til 4. nov. Will that work out ok with you? Frank

Frank Ludvigsen 28/06/08
Dear Lars from Trier, gao bizi and Heinz Sandoza, now, I finally got time to see through the whole ultra art fair, and it is quite impressive! And funny! I especially liked the horses at the exibition. And the Damian scull competition. And "this is my project". So, if you where serious about me working in your office, I don´t see why i shouldn´t. Just let me know if there is anything I can do. Best Frank

Patrick Rau 19/02/08
so wicked! hahahaha... i'm still one week or so in Paris! Patrick

Thomas Bayrle 24/12/07
Beijingboy and Beijingbaby rock'n'roll'n'sing...Yours till May 2008

Enrico Sitelli 21/12/07
Paul McCarthy and his rotten VTV-Piggies wish you an ULTRA cool Christmas Hush-Puppy-Floppy-Disky-Gao-Bisky-Judy-Flicky-Kinky-Fuzzy-Holiday!!! Take this:

Arnold Hitler 03/12/07

Should that be really art? Haha! The krixikraxi of a child with 3 years more shows art than the ULTRA ART FIRI FAIRI! And sowas is promoted. It's a scandal! However I am very safe - it is obviously because of a disturbed ego, if so called artists must carry out themselves in such a way.

Essau Momrik 24/10/07
Hello foreign artists! Don't waste another minute - make your penis massive!
(massive penis is ok - but the other output of Mr Momrik was censored by webmaster gao bizi!)

Long John 30/11/07
Old falter! No miracle that you only munch cockalorum at the kiosk!

Anonymous 28/09/07
I believe it go with these ULTRA ART FAIR homepage around that realizing from rage. Fulfilment seems only in such a way possible in this work? It goes thereby less around art, sondern that these types, which make sowas, out of which lines up to dance wants and so the attention of the environment on itself steer.

Potsdampuppet 24/09/07
After careful and detailed view of the UAF homepage i am in the name of the art, at which conviction arrives:
You are nevertheless all sick!

Mrs A.van Zand 15/09/07
Hello ULTRA ART FAIR! Congratulations once again!
Yours in service,
Mrs A.van Zand (Lottery Co-ordinator)

Jewel McMillan 28/08/07
Hi there, I was wondering if you could tell me if an adults' ultimate frisbee team exists in Dubai? Thanks a lot, I would really appreciate any info you may have. :)

Theodore Fox 12/08/07
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Justin Evans 26/07/07
all I know is this is the best website I've ever seen. thank you. if you need an ultra-art fair in montreal, I will host in my small backyard. Let me know.

Hou Hanru 20/05/07
Also, can you find a way to include the sponsor list in the invitation design (you don’t have to put the logos, just names). Thanks Hou Hanru

You Yang 17/09/07
Dear Sir, Hello, My name is You Yang and we from the Beijing based art fair CIGE (China International Gallery Exposition), you could find out more info about the art fair on We are proposed to arrive Basel at 10th of June, then we are able to attend the preview of Ultra on 11th of June. Herein I would like to apply passes to access the preview
...Thank you for your help in advance and warmest wishes from Beijing, Best regards, You Yang

Carey Cahill 12/05/07
Enjoy your project while you have it and while you have it do not too closely scrutinize its foundation. Art fairs are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next. The ULTRA ART FAIR seems to be the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise. When you read my words, you must constantly be saying to yourself, ''She is talking to us, and about us.'' Art is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate. A brilliant epigram is a solemn platitude gone to a masquerade ball. The acquiring of culture is the development of an avid hunger for knowledge and beauty. Art is the highest passion in a human being. The more sins you confess, the more art you will sell.

Arne Linde 19/04/07
Dear GAO BIZI and Co. i love your artfair. i am already participating. but - i have no chance to see you in duesseldorf - will there be a documentation  on i would love to see how you perform on DC. keep me informed! best regards, arne

Gao Bizi 25/08/07
ni hao Lars. natural i estimate your 6-hours employment. sorry, if i was a little bit indignant at the phone. that was uncorrectly. nevertheless - i want to say following: i can't reconstruct, why you do'nt use right website version. you do'nt have to change or copy something! whhyyy? all sources of error are totally i redundant! that costs us both exactly the same nerves. we must use the most current version of the ULTRA truth that we have! for the moment the time code for ULTRA shanghai is our building site. in two days the next press release goes out! it has to be browserkompatible! you must have the time to synchronize yourself, otherwise all that is really ULTRA i anachronistic.
Xiexie! your sweet-sour gao bizi.

Lars from Trier 24/08/07
ni hao Gao Mao! how can i trust someone like you. why do you have excluded me from your nutty UAF award? i thought we could be friends!? feed your ego! feed it!!! by the way - it's an absolutly incredible lie to affirm i would be in love with Heinz!? stupid bullshit!

Irma Crack 10/05/07
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Ingo Arernd 17/04/07
ear madams and sirs, i am very much interested in your fair. i work as an editor-in-chief of the german weekly Freitag and as a contributor of the kunstforum international. please send me more information about the project. I am thinking about visiting the fair.

Ben Floyd 03/03/07
Can I ask the point of this website?

Richard Swothy22/01/06
Art is nevertheless to set indications, is detailed and careful view its my seems very subjectively in detail cannot it at least not be I please therefore, which ULTRA ART FAIR always see as such and you do not pull individual up-pushing aspects out already once in demand which you with it to meet are? does it try to regard once worth-free, does consider nevertheless once, why one strives
oneself so much gives for such a theatre?

Francois Girot 30/03/06
Live and death are the two polarizes between those a human live themselves plays - also the life in the ULTRA ART FAIR homepage! By that or over-cross these two polarize experience we meet tranzendenz - something, which is larger than we ourselves.

Anonymous 04/05/06
Anyhow comes rather well more rueber, which proceeds the makers of this web page... isn't it then good art, even if it is so cruel?
It asks itself only whether the whole work not although is bad and whether art can be actually also ewas bad even if it is good in itself.

Charles Duennes 04/05/06
Where is my Posting? We me here the free expression of opinion and my human right taken!

Van Lotsof 08/07/06
Naturally it brings itself, overrating not much to insult from blind, already decaying society. Hybrids of self created artists - such as Gao Bizi or this Lars from Trier somehow. And who, is please beautiful Heinz Sandoza - ridiculous! I make quite also art, but I try to resist all this brutal - art in an artificial world to create, from which only the sales value to one reflects, will not release anything except cash flow and grind. Art should be unselfish and impregnated by a strong own opinion, which one wants to express.
Nowadays art is unfortunately too often only releasing strong emotions. The fact that behind it a human aspect should put is unfortunately forgotten.

Suzie Finder 03/01/07
I find it really sad, what in such a way some humans in this forum give from itself. I find it sadly, because simply nowhere a spark is to feel or be read intelligence! That this today is still possible!? That is the homepage of the ULTRA ART FAIR! And then questions come how: That is art?. I find it witnesses of absolute stupidity, if one forms a judgement over a thing, from which one does not have notion and these then also still publicly abandons, in a forum. I find that humans can be nevertheless only real, who can never look over the edge of plate of their small world. The ULTRA ART FAIR has an over 30jaehriger praesenz in the art scene already so often over itself and its work. It gives some good books! i find one can by the way out-borrow books in a so-called library. Why not times for one check-out counters, inform and danch an opinion form? I find everything else is really only stupid!

Jean-Michel Arnoult 19/11/06
Damn it; we were planning on entering the Lagos market as well! See you in Miami...