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The world's secondary African Art Affair

Another Fairy Tale...*

At the crack of dawn in December 2006 it was rumored that a big group is going to install another satellite art fair into the already branded art landscape of Miami: Art Basel Miami Beach - NADA - PULSE - scope - Aqua Art - photo - bridge - RED DOT - Pool - ART NOW ....

It is announced as ULTRA - The Ultimate Art Affair. After very successful premieres in Miami, Dubai and Basel unfortunately ULTRA Shanghai in September, 2008 was censored and canceled. The next spin-off was held at ULTRA Lagos in 2010. The location for the next spin-off will be announced during the GALLERY WEAKEND BERLIN 29 April 2011 to 1 May 2011.

Each ULTRA ART AFFAIR will provide three sections:
ultra-hip, ultra conservative and ultra porous.

Furthermore thanks to our sponsors a prize called UHT will be awarded.

*...gone bad (Magnificent TV)